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Hair OIL

Our hair’s best-kept secret. With a powerful potent blend of 13 super oils, Ayurvedic herbs, roots, seeds and flowers that have been proven to stimulate healthy hair growth, prevent hair loss, keep the scalp clean, thicken hair strands, removes bacteria from the scalp, clear blocked hair follicles and deeply nourish the hair.

Amila hair oil is a multi-purpose miracle worker. Use it as a super-smooth finish on dry hair, breakage remedy on damp hair, or overnight hydration treatment. Then go one step further and employ its desert magic to transform dry patches into moisturized skin.

Qasil Powder

Inspired by age-old beauty Rituals of Somali women, Qasil powder is an old beauty ritual that simplifies skincare solutions to powerfully restore, support, and amplify your skin’s natural radiance.


Formulated to provide long-lasting moisture and protection, each key ingredient works together to intensely hydrate, condition and restore chapped, dry lips.


When you think natural we want you to think AMILA because our products are gentle, natural and simple.

New ProductThere’s no excuse to be ashy ✨

The perfect holiday gift for travel or just to try out our best-selling body products. Our soft & smooth mini set is a 4-piece body product that features travel-size versions of our best-selling body products so you can stay moisturized and glow on the go!